Stantec Window Gallery Installation, "Waking Dream". 

Waking Dream is part of my Pink Escape series. Heavily influenced by nature both emotionally and as a subject matter and medium, this installation offers a fantastical moment of escape. Through a bind between reality and the imagined, we remember and experience ourselves as mystery and nature, rather than beings that live separately, beside it.
In “Waking Dream” time is stopped. A figure stands in the woods accompanied by two birds and a flower moon. With tree rounds for feet and a head of flowers, the figure wears a dress sewn from 200 discarded tea bags and defunct hydrangea petals. Each tea bag and petal embodies a moment from a life. The triumphs, heartbreaks, and everyday moments that fall in between, have been stitched together, collectively representing the life they’ve fashioned.


HarbourKids North: Discover The Night

This interactive children's star making installation and arctic environment playground, was part of a larger collaboration with Artists Aria Evans, Richard Lee and Joe Pagnan, where we  transformed the Brigantine Room into a one time only interactive play space emulating the Northern night sky through art, light and sound.