"I loved the idea of having my wedding bouquet transformed into an original artwork! Susy used the dried flowers for natural dyes and as inspiration for a beautiful painting. Her delicate floral aesthetic with added wisps of gold and silver perfectly complimented the sentiment I wished to preserve from my bouquet. I love having a thoughtful piece of art with a story behind it. It brings a smile to my face every time I look at it, as I'm reminded of our special day."  - Courtney Ross

Flowers are powerful.  They are so lovingly used to celebrate, honour and memorialize the importance of many life events like weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, funerals or special occasions. It’s as if their petals become imbued with the memories created with our near and dear.  Rather than tossing them into your compost when they’ve dried up and withered away, capture this memory for a lifetime with one of my commissioned works!  I love to transform your flowers, by using their pigments,  into art pieces that hold powerful, personal significance to you. 

Flowers hold our memories. When you can walk by a painting in your home every day and be reminded of special people and moments in your life, it brings your soul nourishment and uplifts your spirit.

Let me help you cherish and celebrate your special memories using your flowers in a one of a kind painting that will last a lifetime. 

Here's the process:

- Fill out this form  to get in touch with me and give me a quick idea of what you're looking for

- We'll kick things off with a phone call so I can get to know more about you and your story behind commissioning a piece.  Please have a look through my artwork so we can discuss what styles, colours and sizes you like.  You can also send me images that you feel reflect your taste and what you might like.   My goal is to create the painting you'll love!

- I will tell you how to pack up your special flowers and you'll send them to me.

- I'll draft up the beginnings of a piece and send you some photos.  Some people do prefer for their painting to be a surprise.  If this is you, I won't send any photos!

- You'll receive a photo of the final piece for your approval.*

- I'll send you your new commissioned piece!

Pricing:      Sizes listed in inches      

  • 8x10   or  10x10 =  $150  
  • 16x20 or 20x20 =  $255
  • 22x30 or  24x24 = $375                                         

Payment Process

-All commissioned artwork requires a 40% down payment of the total cost upfront as a deposit.

-Payments are processed through Paypal or Square.

"Thank you for sharing a piece of yourself in this painting Susy.  So beautiful and way beyond exceeding my expectations. I love it!" -Lisa