Woman with Flowers 3

Happy Family Day weekend!  With an extra free day this weekend, I buckled down and worked on some pieces I have been in the process of completing. Woman with Flowers 3 is the third in this triptych, and she is in full boom (though, I'm feeling like it will grow beyond just 3!).  It was made with my beloved flower stains, acrylic paint and conte.

This series reflects the idea of the body remembering and releasing experiences.  It explores what happens to experiences after they have passed...where do they go?  I explore this  using quick sketches of the female form in charcoal and dead flower stains that have been painted over.  The sketches are meant to evoke or suggest an area of the body in a fluid, gestural way.  The flowers represent a feeling, thought, experience, memory or longing.  Each one is a different view and presents a different reality, some being light and gentle and others denser and more powerful.