children's art

Greenwood College Arts Day

Every October, I’m lucky enough to teach a workshop at Greenwoood College School’s yearly Arts Day. It’s a really amazing day for the students, grades 7-9, who choose 4 arts based workshops to participate. Artists from many disciplines come together to facilitate workshops. This year I offered a mask making workshop.

I was so impressed with how creative the student’s were and how unique and expressive their masks turned out!

July Art Camp Funnin'

We all had a great time during July’s Art Camp.  It was really HOT and humid last week, but that didn’t get in the way of lots of art making, garden fun and……a bit of silliness!  I was happy all the kids made it through the sticky week and had a bunch of great art experiences and made some new friends.  We even pulled out my nephew’s old wading pool and filled it with water to cool our feet off!
Check out photos of our time together!

     IMG_0650     IMG_0640 IMG_0636 IMG_0627 IMG_0623 IMG_0620 IMG_0617 IMG_0616