Fall Schedule for kid's art classes is here!


Children’s Art Classes

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Classes are located at 385 Brunwick Ave, near Bloor and Bathurst



DRAWING AND PAINTING:  MONDAY 4:15-5:15, AGES 5-8   $180

Learn the simple basics of drawing and painting through the exploration of different mediums like pencil, charcoal, pastel, ink and various paints.  perfect for the explorer who likes a bit of structure.  Focus is on the process!

ARTIST’S CAFÉ:  TUESDAYS 4:15-5:15, AGES 6-9               $180

Learn about a new artist each week, like Kandinsky and Matisse,  and make your own creation through practicing  the artists technique. 

MIXED MEDIA ART:  WEDNESDAYS 4:14-5-15, AGES 4-6   $180

In this mixed media art class, children will explore their creativity through various art materials and techniques like painting, fabric art, collage, sculpture and more!  Students will be encouraged to discover how they can use materials for their own expression. 



**Susy Martins is a practicing Visual Artist, creator of INKED LILY, and an ECE, teaching  at the Helene Comay Nursery School for 6 years and art classes to kids and youth for the past 5 years.           Classes begin week of Setember 23.


*VISIT www.inkedlily.com


*EMAIL SUSY AT susy@inkedlily.com or call 647-889-7677