Join Summer Art Camp 2017

Registration for summer art camp 2017 is open! 


Join us for a creative, nature inspired, intimate and
nurturing camp for your kiddies. We will have daily
drawing games, art projects, story time circle and a
healthy snack.

Camp Details:
Week 1: July 10-14, Ages 4-8
Week 2: July 17-21, Ages 8-11
Week 3: July 24-28, Ages 4-8

Hours: 9:30-12
Cost: $185 includes supplies, sketchbook and snack

Contact: Susy at 647-889-7677

Location: We are located at 483 Clinton St.
*Camp is lead by Susy Martins, a professional working artist, ECE and
children’s Art Instructor.

Small Works Exhibit at Gallery 1313

It was our first snowfall of the winter season last Thursday night, the night of our Small Works Exhibit.  But the lovely people came!  So much of my art practice is spent alone creating, exploring, seeking, diving deep into my soul.  And I truly love that space.  I also love this part of it, where my art is set free into the world and takes on a life of its own with you.  It means so much to be able to share my art and to have it received, hopefully touching you. XO

The Small Works Exhibit at Gallery 1313 runs till December 18th. 

In The Studio

Right here, in my little home studio, is my favourite place to be in life.  All life's surface stuff falls away and I slip right back into creating.  All I've ever wanted to be in this life is an Artist, spreading moments of beauty, honesty and joy. xo

Blossom and Bloom Show

After a small break to re-imagine and refill my well, I was back to exhibiting at the Blossom and Bloom Show last weekend, with new artwork.  The venue, the main hall at Union station, was gorgeous and with spring just blossoming all around, it felt like the perfect way to come out of hibernation.  Enjoy some pictures from by booth! 

Thank you to the angels in my life, my folks and friends who helped me out both emotionally and physically! I couldn't live my dream without you.  And to all those who stopped by that day, with such genuine interest and appreciation for my work, thank you from my heart!! Your conversation, energy and encouragement made my day!