Hello, my name is Susy. I was born and raised in Toronto, Canada where I still make my home with my studio kitty.  I've always been enchanted by flowers.  Whether doodling them, smelling their scents, filling my home with them and just all around adoring them, I've always felt such an appreciation for these gifts of creation.  I love to take precious bloom petals and recreate them into paintings, each art piece containing layers of real flowers and watercolour paint.

As an artist, I was first drawn to work with dead flowers while mourning the loss of a loved one.   In picking up these defunct bits of nature and working through my grief, I discovered life and spirit still present, as the flowers generously gave off their colour and bloomed again.  As I healed, my love affair with flowers grew, as I continued to collect, experiment and create with all kinds of flowers.  I transfer their pigments onto paper and canvas,  their colours and patterns inspiring and guiding every brushstroke.  It's as if they whisper to me.

I also realized that flowers are so lovingly used to honour so many of life's special moments like anniversaries, weddings, birthdays and more.  Using pigments from flowers and transforming them into paintings is my way of cherishing the spirit and memory of those meaningful times. And of life!  Giving them another chance to bloom and forever capturing a moment in time. 

I'd love to create one of a kind paintings for you, using your special occasion flowers. xo


Official Bio

I'm Susy Martins, a visual artist living in Toronto, Canada. I studied Fine Art at the Toronto School of Art and have been exhibiting my works since 2008. My work bring to light the life left in objects that others consider spent, dead, or defunct.


While I love creating art, I also love sharing that love with young children and youth in the city. When I'm not fully immersed in the world of art, I enjoy cooking dishes from different ethnic cuisines for my friends (and eating them! the food, not my friends),  spending time by the lake, and reading a good book I can't put down!.

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