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My body of work encompasses mixed media paintings and drawings, with a focus on transformation, uncovering life in discarded places and renewing a sense of spirit and purpose in them. I use everyday, natural source materials such as flower pigments,  and tea stains alongside more traditional materials like pencil, paint and conte.  I love to take precious bloom petals and recreate them into paintings.  I'm obsessed with all things floral and each art piece begins with a layer of real flowers. 

I was drawn to work with dead flowers and such, while mourning the loss of three loved ones within a period of a few years.  In picking up these defunct bits of nature and working through my grief, I discovered life and spirit still present, as the flowers generously gave off their colour and bloomed one last time.  I use the flower pigments and teas stains to create an under-painting that informs and inspires the colours and images I draw and paint overtop. 

Through the use of these materials, I am exploring the alchemy of the heart and its ability to transform longing and loss into something of beauty that can continue on.  Alongside this idea of uncovering life in discarded places, I am searching for meaning in daily life, and playing with its ephemeral nature. 

Official Bio

I'm Susy Martins, a visual artist living in Toronto, Canada. I studied Fine Art at the Toronto School of Art and have been exhibiting my works since 2008. My work bring to light the life left in objects that others consider spent, dead, or defunct.


While I love creating art, I also love sharing that love with young children and youth in the city. When I'm not fully immersed in the world of art, I enjoy cooking dishes from different ethnic cuisines for my friends,  spending time by the lake, and reading poetry.

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